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Tmt Quenching Box

JC STEEL PRODUCTS offered TMT box based on authorized Hyper Quench technology as per design standards of LHMPL India. With TMT box developed using stainless steel material, we can provide certificate of design as well as technology as well as also provide guarantee for grades of TMT bars that allows manufacturers to sell these to any worldwide customers including government agencies as well as private consumers. With our expertise in offering these in grade options of 415fe, 500fe, 550fe, here, our experience has helped us in placing 18 mtr length and 32 mtr/sec of TMT boxes.

Our offered TMT system is of multiple injector type, high grade quenching boxes that clean the surface through the process of scrubbing. The process begins by positioning the motorized valve and fitting the opening of the nozzles.

The quenching box allows the multiple entry of fresh water at regular time duration that saves the time of quenching process.

These assist in enhancing the strength of steel to provide best possible Thermo Mechanical Treatment (TMT) that assists in enhancing corrosion resistance as well as mechanical properties including Bending, Tensile strength, Yield Stress, Elongation etc.

Our designed quenching box has consistency of tensile strength, ability to cut bars accurately.


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