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Rolling Mill Stands of all types to cater to long products as well as flat products. Conventional stands in both fibre bearing as well as anti-friction bearing are cost effective. The stands are ruggedly built to cater to the severe mill conditions. The Stands can be both open type & closed type.

JC Steel Products manufactures high quality mill stands for rolling mills. Mill stands are ultrasonic tested, stress relieved & machined to close tolerances. Mill stands are offered with options such as hydraulic pre-stressing, motorised screw down and motorised chock removal. Newfield manufactures following types of mill stands :


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Pre - stressed Stands are present generation Stands known for their consistency in maintaining stock sizes. They have the advantage of both closed top, of rigidity and open top, of easiness in roll changing. These are available in both sizes 3 High as well as 2 High configurations. Housing less Stands for high productive mills offer best solutions to roll change time. These are conceptually of cassette design and the roll change is reduced to almost 10 – 15 minutes.