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Our Range Of Projects


TMT Rolling Mills Plants

Offering Total Turnkey Based Projects for TMT Bar Rolling Mills With Production Up To 500,000 Tons Annually.


Section Rolling Mill Plants

Turnkey Section Rolling Mill Plants For Light, Medium & Heavy Structural Steels


Hot Strip/Patra Mills

Turnkey Projects Fot Making Hot Strip Mills With Heavy Duty Coiling Arrangements.


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J.C. Steel Products provides complete project solutions for the Hot Rolling Mill Industry. The company has been providing complete project solutions (Design, Manufacture & Mill Commissioning) for Bar, Rod and Section mills for the past 11 years.

We Manufacture & Supply Complete Bar & Rod Steel Rolling Mill Plants. These Mills Are Also Called TMT Rolling Mills. The Finish Product Of These Mills Are Bar, Rod, TMT Bars, Deformed Bars Used In Construction Sector. Rods usually rounds from 5.5 to 9 mm and TMT Bars from 8 to 40 mm in diameter are produced in bar and rod Mill. Three types of mills are employed in rolling rods: Open Train, Semi-Continuous and Continuous. The selection of the layout in any case depends upon the tonnage required, the volume of production and the required quality of the finished product and their rolling speeds which reaches 22m/sec. and even higher. The continuous rod mill consists of Roughing mill train, first intermediate mill train, second intermediate mill train and finishing mill train with D.C. drive.



Section Rolling Mill, Structure Rolling Mill Plant, Section Mill Manufacturer In India

JC STEEL PRODUCTS Designs Customized Long-Product Rolling Mills For Light And Heavy Standard Sections Such as H-Beams, I-Beams, Heavy And Light Angles, Rails and Other special sections. We also build quality and stainless steel semi-product rolling mills for reversing or continuous operation as an optimized overall process, including the in-line heat treatment. Heavy & Light Section Rolling Mill Plants To Manufacture Steel Sections Of Different Sizes. These plants Are Offered In Both Fully Automatic & Semi Automatic Type. ​ ​



Annual Capacity Of Mill From 10,000 TPA To 500,000 TPA
Fully Automatic / Semi Automatic Production Line.
Suitable For Producing Angles : 25x25MM To 250x250MM
Manufacturing C-Channels : 50MM To 400MM Manufacturing
Joist & Beams : 75x40MM To Width Of 600MM ​

COMPLETE SECTION MILL EQUIPMENT CONSIST OF ​ Reheating Furnace As Per Required Capacity. Roughing, Intermediate & Finishing Mill Complex For Rolling Billet Into Diff Shapes & Sizes As Per Requirement. Automatic Cooling Bed With Automatic Transfer & Cutting Machines. Online Section Straightening & Packing & Binding Equipment. ​